Bas Cobanli Memorial – Sept 29, 2013

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The Bas Cobanli Race was finally got away on September 29th, with white caps showing off Goat Island and storm warnings for later in the day. Custodian of the race, Roger Kibble assured the fleet that the race would be sailed in good wind and be over before the forecast winds arrived and so it proved. The race featured a “Head Start”, which saw Selyna Rose away at 10.30, starting her first race clear of the turmoil of the start line. This is a great feature for helping introduce new races to the fold, the pressure is off on the start line and they get to savour being in the lead for as long as they can hold out. This has been tried in IOM racing with great success as the newcomers try very hard not to be caught and seem to enjoy themselves much more as a result.

The second start got off ten minutes later with Ole Anderson in Caliente, fresh off a victory last weekend, throwing down the gauntlet. I was in a perfect position to see the starting tactics unfold as I completely messed up my timing and was swinging around into the second row of starters as the seconds ticked down. Ole, on a timed run at the line completely shut the door on Electra, forcing her on the wrong side of the starting buoy, which she promptly hit while bearing off. Caliente, meanwhile, being slightly early bore off and ran the line thundering down on Sprite. The gun sounded and those two were away with the best starts.

The beat was Starboard tack lifted over the usual wind and there were many large right handers that made for big gains if you could find and say in them. Caliente set about the task of hunting down Selyna Rose. The start for Kay D was opened up to Starboard when Electra had to return to the line and restart and so we were able to take advantage of some shifts to climb into second spot by the time the Sisters were left to port. We were aided in this when Electra leapt up, pirouetted, and splashed down again on a rock between the First Sister and Deadman Island. This gnarly bolder, which had gone by the name of Herbert Rock for part of the summer has now been returned to its rightful name, “the Kibble Kruncher”. Welbury Spar to Port was next and the mighty Soul Thyme was able to ease the sheets and charge up to our stern. We sailed neck and neck to the spar buoy in a most enjoyable duel and managed to use a lifting blast to plane up to the mark. Soul Thyme was not to be denied however and passed us off of James Bay despite our deploying our spinnaker. Ben Mohr was the next marker with Caliente in a good lead followed by Soul Thyme, Kay D, Sprite, Wildfire and Electra. We were now hard on the wind again rounding Prevost Island to Starboard. Caliente continued to extend while increasing wind encouraged Soul Thyme to reef. Sprite showed good speed and closed in while Wildfire also was coming on strong. The wind moderated slightly and Kay D was able to pass Soul Thyme just off Portlock Point as the fleet was close tacking the shore seeking tide relief. Wildfire also caught Soul Thyme, forcing her to tack away on a Port Starboard crossing, but the wily skipper of Soul Thyme stood closest to Prevost and again threatened to take over the second place. Finally Deep Ridge Buoy was spotted, the elusive weather mark, right on the line called by the tactician on Kay D, Tony Meek. Soul Thyme would have to tack again.

Spinnakers were set and the long run for home begun. The very sleek Electra emerged out of the mist, big chute pulling hard and heading straight downwind passed boat after boat until by the Sisters she had claimed second spot. Caliente was well ahead, taking line honours and winning outright. For skipper Ole Anderson and crew Derek Hill and Iain Leckie a well deserved win in a long windy race. Next across the line it was Electra, Wildfire, Kay D, Soul Thyme and Sprite.

Hot Toddies on Wildfire completed the days racing.

Another great day on the water.

Martin Herbert
aboard the Kay D

Official Results (courtesy Philippe Erdmer – ‘Kaitoa’)

Course: See Above

Scoring with SISC Ratings:

PHRF Rating Club Rating As Sailed Rating Boat Skipper Finish Time Corrected
(T on T)
69 78 102 CALIENTE Anderson 13:17:20 02:44:25 1
213 213 213 KAY-D Herbert 13:52:08 02:50:23 2
213 213 213 SPRITE Slakov 13:57:19 02:54:58 3
144 144 144 ELECTRA Kibble 13:39:25 02:55:38 4
144 159 159 WILDFIRE Keating 13:51:20 03:03:10 5
112 143 143 SOUL THYME Simpson 13:53:45 03:09:57 6
114 181 181 SELYNA ROSE Clark DNF DNF 7


Scoring with PHRF ratings:

PHRF Rating As Sailed Rating Boat Skipper Finish Time Corrected
(T on T)
69 93 CALIENTE Anderson 13:17:20 02:46:50 1
213 213 KAY-D Herbert 13:52:08 02:50:23 2
213 213 SPRITE Slakov 13:57:19 02:54:58 3
144 144 ELECTRA Kibble 13:39:25 02:55:38 4
144 159 WILDFIRE Keating 13:51:20 03:07:18 5
112 112 SOUL THYME Simpson 13:53:45 03:19:16 6
114 181 SELYNA ROSE Clark DNF DNF 7

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