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The Sailing School needs someone or a couple of folks to assist with our coach boats.

We have 4 lovely but slightly used boats that our sailing instructors use during summer sailing school lessons to accompany the learners in sailing dinghies on the water.  Our coach boats are all RHIBs.   Every once in a while something goes sideways, and that’s where you can jump in and save the day.

Working in conjunction with the Fleet Captain Dinghy, duties may include:

  • Launching (unlaunching) as required- we have trailers for each boat and a launch permit
  • Driving launched (unlaunched) boats to and from the launch ramp or club docks.
  • Test driving repaired boats around the harbour as fast as you dare.
  • Investigating reported problems ( leaks, broken things, dead batteries, motors that don’t run right)
  • Fixing problems if they are within our ability (like a blown fuse) or taking boats to a mechanic if they are not (like a blown head gasket).
  • Changing oils. (Once per year)
  • Cleaning hulls (Twice per year)
  • Fun and challenging repairs, involving expensive glues or 2 part epoxies and PVC/Hypalon materials.
  • Other exciting modifications like drilling holes below the waterline to install new zincs or rivets to hold tubes and hulls together.
  • Completing expense reports to get reimbursed for parts and supplies you might have to buy.

The overall aim with the coach boats is to keep them running and available for the sailing instructors to use during the Monday – Friday sailing lessons in July and August.

The ideal volunteers will have a vehicle that can tow our not very heavy coach boats all the way from the club to the launch ramp, a 2 inch trailer ball, and rubber boots for wading into the water at the launch ramp. Patience, a sense of humour, and problem solving skills help with these tasks.  A plentiful supply of mechanics tools is a wonderful asset but not essential.

Plus, if you take on this challenge, the Fleet Captain Dinghy will speak to the Wharfinger and ask him not to pester you about daily wharfinger duties.

For more info contact Fleet Captain Dinghy – John Kyle –, or by phone, 250 537 5006

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