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Since we cannot have a fall foreshore work party this year due to Covid-19, we are going to do things differently to keep our wonderful club in top shape.  This year, we would like you to elect to take on a foreshore work party task and then do it in your own time, preferably before November 7th.

Please look through the list of jobs below and choose one that you would like to complete or help with. When you have made your choice, contact Wharfinger Doug Manton:, who will put you in touch with a task leader with more detail and help should you require it.

Task 1: Keep vegetation growth down around the water access box at the corner of the roundabout and the pier. All year round!

Task 2: All fingers and piers must be washed down then sprayed. This will remove the “slime” and reduce the slippery aspect of the fingers.  We will need a volunteer per dock.  B dock and BW dock are already done.

Task 3: Inspect lifejackets found at the gate and dispose of extras. Lifejackets should fit nicely in the space. Check whether April wants any of the extra ones.

Task 4: Service dock wheelbarrows, check wheels, lubrication, wear, and tear etc.

Task 4a for tide grid users:  One rubber mat for the tide grid needs to be replaced

Task 5: Dock clean up, remove flotsam from water and put beside the roundabout shed.  Do not leave on dock.

Task 6: Demolish/move identified sailing school lockers to roundabout for disposal.

Task 7: Move all sailing school dinghies.  They must be stored in the racks or upper parking lot for the winter to “preserve” the sailing school docks.

Task 8: Pull weed/ remove growth between concrete and rub rail to prevent rot in rub rail.  Use water hose with nozzle

Task 9: Turn on light bulb in electrical cabinets, change if necessary

Task 10: Inspect and replace broken fire extinguisher cabinets.  Only replace the part that is broken (case, cover, or see-though panel)

Task 12: Flat storage dinghy dock has 4 nails protruding Please nail down

Task 13: Blow out the dinghy storage rack area (including under lower dinghies)

Task 14: Install F dock sign on pile at high tide

Task 15: Dump run mid-November after all the work above has been done

Task 16: Apply sealant on docks if weather allows. The dock must be washed before sealing.

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