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We are looking for help with the Junior Sailing program in the following areas.  If you are interested in taking on one of these tasks, you’ll need to contact Fleet Captain Dinghy April Faget at and have a chat. The commitment would be for at least a year and you’d be expected to check in every month, maybe more frequently as necessary.

Communication/Marketing (1-2 people needed )

  • Help promote the Sailing School registration with posters, media posts, and school contacts.
  • Write and help edit website material.
  • Monthly articles for the Crowsnest to help raise awareness of the Sailing School and Junior Race Teams.
  • Design posters for Sailing School and Instructor Team
  • Design/order t-shirts for Sailing School, Sailing Team and Instructor gear

Sailing Team Coordinator – Opti Team and Senior Team – 2 people needed, 1 for each team

  • Email team members weekly to remind them of dates and to arrive with the proper gear
  • Work with the coach to ensure communication between all levels
  • Schedule volunteers to help with the practices
  • Ensure that broken equipment is scheduled for repair
  • Help organize regatta participation and details (if they are being run)
  • Follow up on monthly registration with participants

Sailing School  – 1 person needed

  • Help Fleet Captain Dinghy with registration, class lists, and parent questions
  • Work with the instructor team with drop-off/pick-up occasionally
  • Help ensure COVID protocols are being met if needed
  • Coordinate equipment repair
  • Respond to parent questions/concerns
  • Help find accommodation for Instructors
  • Help set up the Sailing School boats, and instructor supplies
  • Help set up signage for the sailing school

Dinghy Maintenance Coordinator – 1 person needed

  • Be the go-to person to coordinate repairs
  • Send repairs to team members if unable to do them (we do have people to fix stuff)
  • Make sure that supplies/materials for repairs are available
  • Send equipment requests to Fleet Captain Dinghy for orders
  • Review dinghies for repairs
  • Help launch boats in the spring and pack up boats in the fall
  • Help clean dinghies

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