New Members

We welcome the following new members, who have joined in 2022. The Covid pandemic meant that our traditional “Meet and Greet” social event has been missing, so this newly revised page is intended to put faces to names of new members. Photos will be added as they are received.  Thanks to the folks who have sent in photos.

  • MarieSt. Laurent
    St. Laurent
    October 2022
  • David andAlexandra Dunnison
    David and
    Alexandra Dunnison
    October 2022
  • Janice and Douglas Barnard
    Janice and
    Douglas Barnard
    October 2022
  • Lisa and Jamie Sayer
    Lisa and
    Jamie Sayer
    September 2022
  • Dave Cunliffe andAmy Kozak
    Dave Cunliffe and
    Amy Kozak
    September 2022
  • Jack Speirs andDana Young
    Jack Speirs and
    Dana Young
    August 2022
  • John Hillier andKatherine Aitken
    John Hillier and
    Katherine Aitken
    August 2022
  • Timothy andLaura Harvey
    Timothy and
    Laura Harvey
    July 2022
  • Chris Small andCatherine Hanna
    Chris Small and
    Catherine Hanna
    July 2022
  • Yorke andKaren Graham
    Yorke and
    Karen Graham
    July 2022
  • CharlesGossett
    July 2022
  • Larisa Fry andJ-D Hutchison
    Larisa Fry and
    J-D Hutchison
    July 2022
  • HeathCooper
    July 2022
  • Duncan andEmma-Louise Elsey
    Duncan and
    Emma-Louise Elsey
    June 2022
  • Jesse andRachel Dawes
    Jesse and
    Rachel Dawes
    May 2022
  • Matthew andJennifer Kerrigan
    Matthew and
    Jennifer Kerrigan
    May 2022
  • Geoff Weitzel andMelissa Pitts
    Geoff Weitzel and
    Melissa Pitts
    April 2022
  • Jesse Weinert andBrittaney Kennedy
    Jesse Weinert and
    Brittaney Kennedy
    April 2022
  • David Naphtali and wife Marnie
    David Naphtali and
    wife Marnie
    March 2022
  • Ewan Deane andJeanne Slater
    Ewan Deane and
    Jeanne Slater
    March 2022
  • Randall Walford andIsabelle Chevalier
    Randall Walford and
    Isabelle Chevalier
    March 2022

Fleet Captain Racing

Greg Taylor


Fleet Captain Cruising

Arne Hetherington


Fleet Captain Dinghy

April Faget


Staff Captain

Mike Dawson

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