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Sailpast Race Report

by Martin Herbert (aboard the Kay D)

Sunday May 5th was a banner day for the SISC and its racing fleet. This year was so special for a myriad of reasons. First it was a blustery day with high, shifting winds that challenged the boat handling abilities of all the participants, highlighting the purpose of our club to “develop seamanship” and “foster an interest in sailing”. The usual Sailpast parade was turned into a challenge in seamanship and a serious exercise of applied seamanship in extreme conditions. Lawrence Stuart showed great skill in handling his Arctic Tern, well reefed, in sailing past Commodore David Wood aboard his Colin Archer Yacht Glorious, and exchanging salutes. Our visiting guest Jenny Price sailed my Flying Fifteen by Glorious, while I lowered her New Zealand flag in salute. (Jenny was visiting our club, having given a talk the night before after leading a day of training for the women’s sailing group.) John Tulip on his slippery trimaran was also under sail and was seen out early making use of the wind to get his yacht humming at over 14 knots. Even on our small yacht we hit speeds of over 11 knots, with spray flying everywhere.

During my first year in the Club in 2007, I crewed for David Wood in his Dash 34 and admired his helmsmanship in Club races. In recent years he has impressed with his seamanship on 6 metres (in the RSSI race) and more recently in the Etchells that he shares with a gang of good sailors. It is a great thing to have a Commodore with such skills at the helm of our club.
Following a great lunch at the Club, our racing group headed back out on the water for a short race to Ganges Shoal and home. I had the great good fortune to have the abovementioned New Zealand Flying Fifteen sailor Jenny Price skipper my boat in the race. The wind had abated and we started with spinnaker set on a beam reach out of the harbour. Before long, Ogopogo passed us and lead the fleet out of the harbour. Then Pturbodactyl shot past, and then Shingebiss. Invictus moved through our lee and Jill Oakes in Robyn Hood, the other Flying Fifteen, was nipping at our heels as the wind gradually died down to a gentle whisper.
We got around Ganges Shoal marker and started searching for wind. Occasionally the leaders would sit bolt upright and wait for us to gain, showing us where not to go. David James in Arcturus launched his huge spinnaker and brought a wind from behind and, with Invictus and our tiny Kay D, we worked our way downwind. We gybed to clear our air and found a line of wind and made gains. It was great for me to be sailing with such a talented skipper and we talked over what we saw on the water and what that might mean. Frequently our thoughts aligned and we crept back into fourth boat overall.
It was an interesting race and a great deal of fun for me, as was the day of sailing at 11.7 knots in the morning and then, in the end, of being in a race where 1.7 knots seemed to be very fast in comparison with boats near us, just outside the reach of the gust we owned.
Club Handicap Results
Club Finish Corrected Rating for club
Rating Boat Skipper Time Time Place Next Race points
131 SHINGEBISS Keating 15:03:23 01:18:16 1 119 100
274 ROBYN HOOD Oakes 15:24:00 01:21:03 2 265 89
167 KAY D Herbert 15:11:02 01:21:24 3 161 78
44 OGOPOGO Faget 15:02:20 01:29:08 4 41 67
0 PTURBODACTYL Tulip 14:57:00 01:30:00 5 0 56
296 EFFERVESENCE Bortz 15:39:00 01:30:49 6 299 44
153 FIREFLY Woolcock 15:22:20 01:34:00 7 159 33
111 INVICTUS Lhotzky 15:20:30 01:38:23 8 120 22
84 ARCTURUS James 15:21:00 01:43:19 9 96 11

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