In 2020 Races
The guidelines for the September Wednesday Night Series are:
1. The FCR will design the race to be 2 to 2.5 hours long, subject to weather and sundown. The finish time will be set at the Skipper’s Meeting.
2. The Skipper’s meeting will be 3:45. Boats that, because of work or other commitments, can not make the skipper’s meeting, can radio the FCR, or acting FCR, for the course details before the start
3. The start time will be 16:15.
4. As this is a ‘K’ series, the FCR will endeavor to have a short course in each race
5. Each racer will take, and report, their finish time at both the short course and final finish line
6. 75%, or greater, of the racers who also completed the short course, must have crossed the final finish line within the time limit, for their final finish time to be used. Otherwise, their short course finish time will be used.
7. The two hour extension to the finish time does not apply for the Series
8. There will not be Race Reports completed for this Series. Results and pictures and maybe a short Report, if Tony is there, and has the energy, will be distributed
9. Both short and final finish times will be emailed to the FCR before 10:00 the following day
10. The Results for the Series will be summed and reported as one ‘K’ Race
11. The Race Committee will use our experience to guide the development of the 2021 season.
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