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Members should take note of the Special General Meeting regarding F-Dock replacement coming up on June 25 at 7 pm at the Lions’ Hall (note: NOT at the Clubhouse).  This meeting was added after the informational meeting of May 28 was over.  There was unanimous support for the need to replace F-Dock from the 35 or so members who turned up at the May meeting.  What was not so unanimous was how to pay for the approximate $500K to $750K cost.  There were a variety of suggestions, from debentures to levies to raising moorage rates to increasing the mortgage and how to pay for that.  This is a complex topic that could potentially affect most members’ finances, so we are hoping and expecting a larger turnout for this June meeting.  At this meeting, special resolutions regarding spending will be presented and will require 75% support from members present.  Treasurer Norbert went away with some questions to research and indicated that he will be emailing the membership soon about these issues.  People who are interested in putting up debentures (in $10K increments) should contact Norbert at  Put this date onto your calendar and plan to attend.

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