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Breaking News!  Bob Jones is our new House and Grounds Coordinator!  Thanks so much, Bob, for taking on this role that has been empty for so long.  Bob will work with the Vice Commodore Vern and the House and Grounds Committee to plan and oversee activities and work days.

Thanks to Bill Ostwald for stepping up into the role of Clubhouse Bookings Coordinator.  He takes over from Ruth Riddell, who has done that job for several years.  Many thanks go to Ruth for soldiering through during the pandemic and for implementing a simpler new booking system.

And while we are at it, there are 2 more coordinator roles that need filling. These are key Club positions looking for volunteers to take them on.  People in these positions take on ongoing responsibility throughout the year and assist the Board and our Club tremendously in their functioning.  If you have a knack for organizing, these are places where you might find your volunteering niche.  Having these positions stay empty has a many-layered effect on the way our Club functions, so members are strongly encouraged to please consider stepping up and helping our Club to function optimally.  Talk to Commodore Roy if you are interested in pursuing…

Communications Coordinator:

Works with the Board and communications team to keep information flowing in the Club, including overseeing the various channels of communication within the Club.  Requires some comfort with a computer.   Reports to the Commodore. 

Volunteer Coordinator:

Maintains list of member volunteering interests in the membership database and assists committees and the Board in identifying and recruiting volunteers for Club tasks.  Requires some comfort with a computer.  Reports to the Past Commodore.

Commodore Roy Marlatt

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