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The “garbage boat” that has been decorating the beach was recently found tied to the foot of E dock. We haven’t determined just how it got there or why, and would appreciate hearing from any member who might have some information.

Because the boat was poorly tied and in danger of sinking, causing a serious mess, it has been moved to the log at the stream outfall, awaiting a higher tide to beach it again. Our Clean and Green Harbour Coordinator is aware of the situation and will be contacting various local authorities, and it would be helpful if we can pass on to them as much information as possible. If you know anything about the boat ending up on E dock, please contact me ( and cc to Rear Commodore Steve White (

On a different note: the concrete docks are getting quite slippery with frost, ice, and now snow. Please be very careful, particularly at the foot of the ramp and along A dock, where little sun gets to it. Also note that salt is not to be used on the concrete, as it degrades it; a concrete-friendly deicer is currently sprinkled along A dock. 

Bo Curtis, Wharfinger

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