Claiming Expenses Incurred on Behalf of the Club

Club members who expend money on the Club’s behalf, with the prior approval of the appropriate officer, will be reimbursed promptly.  Only officers have authority to spend Club funds and only officers have budgets against which expenses can be charged.  Members are advised not to spend any money without approval from an officer.

To be reimbursed, members must submit receipts with the Club’s expense form, and signed by the officer responsible (or with a separately emailed approval).  The form should include information that gives our bookkeeper at least some idea of how the expense should be charged to the Club’s books.  If that is done, we will pay a member as soon as we possibly can, in almost all cases within a week.

The form and receipts can be submitted either on paper or in electronic form to (or you can put your paper copies into the appropriate mail slot in the Clubhouse, with the envelope clearly marked Bookkeeper, and perhaps send an email to the bookkeeper to alert her.)  We can pay by cheque or Interac transfer—please indicate which you would prefer on the expense form (or your email).

Requests for reimbursement that do not include a legible expense form, approved by an officer with a budget, and with receipts that document what you spent and for what, will be returned unpaid.  Download and keep a copy of the form linked below for your future use.  (Note that it is a fillable PDF, so you should be able to fill it out online and print it out.)



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