There are several ways to contact Club personnel.

Phone numbers and some Club email addresses are in the yearbook.

For a complete list of actual Club email addresses for the people/positions listed below and others not listed,
click this link: : public Club email addresses


Note that the following links will give you a contact form to fill out.  If you want actual email addresses (for example if you want to send an attachment), use the document link above so you can get an email address to send a regular email.

CommodoreDavid Wood
Past CommodoreChris Cheeseman
Vice CommodoreBen Sutton
Rear CommodoreSteve White
Fleet Capt RacingPaul Faget
Fleet Capt DinghyDouglas Woolcock
Sailing School CoordinatorJanice Parker
Fleet Capt CruisingRandall Walford
Staff CaptainTrevor Bishop
Secretaryvacant at present
TreasurerJulian Clark
WharfingerBo Curtis
Database MgrCindy Jacobsen
Events Calendar CoordinatorRyan Preddy/Wendy Vine
Communications CoordinatorWendy Vine
Crowsnest EditorCheryl Wilkinson
Volunteer CoordinatorVacant
Photo CoordinatorJenny Coghlan
House & Grounds CoordN/A at present
Safety OfficersDavid Denton-Cardew
Bill Lewis
Tom McKeachie
Clubhouse Booking CoordinatorJen Kerrigan
Merchandise ManagerDiane Simpson
Membership ChairCheri Reid
WebmastersRyan Preddy
Cathie Parker (temp)
Reciprocal OfficerKaren Laidlaw

Mailing Address:

Saltspring Island Sailing Club
152 Douglas Road
Saltspring Island, BC
V8K 2J2

Commodore Chris Cheeseman Communications Coordinator Wendy Vine
Vice Commodore Roy Marlatt Past Commodore Nick Hodson
Rear Commodore Steve White Volunteer Coordinator John Tulip
Fleet Capt Racing Greg Taylor Photo Coordinator Jenny Coghlan
Fleet Capt Dinghy April Faget House & Grounds Coord Damian Soroczynski
Sailing School Coordinator April Faget Safety Officer David Denton-Cardew
Bill Lewis
Tom McKeachie
Fleet Capt Cruising Arne Hetherington Clubhouse Booking Mgr Ruth Riddell
Staff Captain Mike Dawson Merchandise Mgr Cheryl Bell-Gadsby/Jody Hawley
Secretary Michael Clark Database Mgr Norbert Schlenker
Treasurer Norbert Schlenker CPS Liaison Laura Dafoe
Wharfinger Doug Manton Webmaster Ryan Preddy/Doug Hornsey
Events Calendar Coordinator Wendy Vine Reciprocal Officer Karen Laidlaw

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