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1. ‘K’ or Keener Series is in answer to the many requests for more, and more varied, racing opportunities. Each will be scored, and the scores accumulated, over the year.
2. (P) or (S) means leave to Port (P) or leave to Starboard (S)
3. Wednesday Night Series will be designed to finish between 19:30 and 20:00.
4. Re-runs of uncompleted Series A, B, and C races will take place the next available week. While the objective will be to complete all the races on the schedule; Series A, B, and C races will take precedence.
5. The start time for ‘K’ races beginning at Second Sister will be determined at the Skipper’s Meeting
6. All Skipper’s meetings for Sunday races will be 10:00 EXCEPT March 3 and October 13th
7. Skipper meetings for Wednesday Night Summer Series races will be 16:30

Fleet Captain Racing Greg Taylor welcomes everyone to the 2020 racing season, an exciting combination of new and old races. Questions? Want to be on the racers’ email list and receive all race information and results?  Feel free to email Greg at If you have questions about the new handicapping system in place for 2020, see the Just Ask Greg article here. Hope to see you out on the course!

2020 Races

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Race Contacts

Racing Committee

Greg Taylor (Fleet Captain Racing)
Douglas Woolcock (Handicapper/Scorekeeper)
Eric van Soeren

Racing Volunteers

IOM Representative: Martin Herbert
Trophies: Lawrie Neish
Website: Wendy Vine
Women’s Racing: Heather Sloat

Round Saltspring Race

Chair: John Walker
Food Service: Gillian Taylor
Race Officer/Registrar: Richard Ballantyne
Shoreside Facilities: Chris Cheeseman
Communications: Silk Questo & Ryan Preddy
Merchandising: Cheryl Gadsby & Jody Hawley
Sponsorships/Prizes: Chris Gadsby & Jeremy Milsom
Docks: Bo Curtis

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