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We encourage members to provide any recommendations on cruising destinations. Perhaps there is a certain spot that you would like to explore or maybe you are just interested in getting away for a weekend with other Club members. Let us know and we would be more than happy to assist and contribute to a fun and enjoyable Cruising Season. If you are considering leading a cruise, here are some things to think about: Leading a Cruise.

Please reach out to our Fleet Captain Cruising, Steve Sawyer, with any questions or suggestions.

Haida Gwaii Cruise Summer 2019:   We are in the initial stages of planning a trip to Haida Gwaii this summer (2019) and will be scheduling a number of informative sessions including presentations by folks who have made this challenging excursion. These discussions should prove interesting even if next summer’s cruising plans can’t include Haida Gwaii.  It would be beneficial to get some idea of how many Club members would consider embarking on what undoubtedly will prove to be an amazing experience.  Please let Cruise Captain Steve know at

Fascinating Haida Gwaii Presentation #1  

A presentation by Jenny and Nick Coghlan January 19th on their 2018 cruise up to Haida Gwaii was a resounding success attracting an audience of in excess of 50 members.  Their well-researched account of the cruise aboard their Robert Harris designed Vancouver 27 “Bosun Bird” was presented flawlessly, holding the audience spellbound with spectacular photographs of BC’s South and Central Coast and Haida Gwaii.

Segments of the Bill Reid narrated “Rescuing the Timeless Totems of SGang Gwaii”, a CBC documentary depicting the controversial salvaging of totem poles at a deserted Haida Gwaii settlement, was fascinating and can be viewed here

The presentation was first in a series of presentations and working group sessions supporting the anticipated Cruise to Haida Gwaii summer 2019.  A very special thank you goes to both Nick and Jenny for their wonderful presentation, as well as to Lynn and Michael Clark for all of their help.

Ever Been to Loughborough Inlet?  This article by Club member Michael Clark might help you decide to make a stop there if you are ever cruising in the area: Loughborough Inlet Article

Haida Gwaii Cruise:  Opportunity to Join In

A number of boats will be departing Saltspring Island on approximately June 1, 2019 en route to Port Hardy for a planned cruise to Haida Gwaii.

Recognizing that a cruise to Haida Gwaii might be too much of a time commitment, other cruisers are welcome to join us at any stage of this trip.  Perhaps, Nanaimo is as far as you want to go, or possibly Cortes Island, the Octopus Islands, Desolation Sound or the Broughton Islands.  Regardless, here is an opportunity to join a group of boaters and experience these amazing coastal waters.

You are also welcome to attend cruising information sessions that we intend to hold, including:

– Provisioning

– Diesel Maintenance

– First Aid and Emergency Preparedness

– Communications

Dates for these sessions will be made available soon.

For more information, please contact Steve Sawyer (Fleet Captain Cruising)

Update on Jeanne Socrates:  For anyone interested in the latest on Jeanne Socrates’ singlehanded worldwide voyage, there is some information through this link, if you read down in the article:



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