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We encourage members to provide any recommendations on cruising destinations. Perhaps there is a certain spot that you would like to explore or maybe you are just interested in getting away for a weekend with other Club members. Let us know and we would be more than happy to assist and contribute to a fun and enjoyable Cruising Season.

Considering Leading a Cruise?  Here are some things to think about: Leading a Cruise.

Reciprocal Moorage for Our Members:  If you are wondering about our reciprocal moorage agreements with a variety of other clubs on the coast, check out our Yacht Destinations page here.  And if you are considering visiting other clubs to take advantage of our reciprocal agreements in 2021, please be aware that our own club is only just opening reciprocal and visitor moorage as of June 30, 2021.  In these uncertain times it would be prudent to check beforehand with any other clubs you plan to visit, to make sure you would be welcome.

Victoria Cruise, September 28-October 1, 2021:  Barb and Arne Hetherington lead this year’s “annual” cruise to Victoria’s Inner Harbour, with an overnight reciprocal stop at Royal Victoria Yacht Club, at the end of September.  For a report of the fun that the five boats and their crews had, click here.  As well, a few photos can be viewed on our Flickr page.

Clam Bay-Newcastle Island Cruise, August 24-27, 2021:  Only three boats ended up participating in this cruise and you can read the details here.  Head on over to our Flickr page to see more photos.

Local Gunkholing Cruise, July 20-23, 2021:  Jon and Jennifer Healey planned this cruise and then had to go home early due to boat trouble, which was unfortunate.  And the original itinerary changed due to wind direction;  but the group carried on in the sunshine and had an enjoyable time at Winter Cove, Bedwell Harbour, and Sidney Spit.  In addition to the Healeys on Khadine, participants were:  Arne and Barb Hetherington on Dixey-Rose, Karen and Kim Laidlaw on Nest Egg, Rob Denny and Nighean Anderson on Mazu, Jenny and Derek Barrio on Blue Peter, Debbie and Peter Brouwer on Switchen to Glide, Chris Levan and Ellen Vesterdal on Nutmeg of Consolation, and Julie and Eric van Soeren on Second Wind.  To see some great photos taken by Peter Brouwer and Arne Hetherington, click to go to our Flickr page.

Cruising 2021 in Our Local Area:  the Fleet Captain Cruising Arne and Club member Jeremy Milsom of the SS Inn have put together a list of information about marinas and anchorages in the local SSI geographical area: local-cruising-destinationsrev2. (Note that reciprocals are not included in this list.  Refer to the above for those.)

Club Cruises in 2021:  The Cruise Committee has been thinking about the possibilities for some organized Club cruises as we “normalize” this summer, if public health guidelines allow, and has published a tentative plan: 2021-tentative-club-cruises.  We are still looking for someone to volunteer to organize some small boat day cruises.  Contact Fleet Captain Cruising Arne Hetherington if interested:

Sailing Around Vancouver Island:  If you are interested in cruising around Vancouver Island, you can get some advice from Past Commodore Dick Pattinson (who circumnavigated many times over the years in his 26 foot Grampian Gwaihir), in his now-historical notes from 1981 and 1983:  Dick Pattinson-1981-1983

Ever Been to Loughborough Inlet?  This article by Club member Michael Clark might help you decide to make a stop there if you are ever cruising in the area: Loughborough Inlet Article

Please reach out to our Fleet Captain Cruising, Arne Hetherington, with any questions or suggestions.



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