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Club Cruises in 2023:  Update Sept 2023:  The next cruise will be the Victoria Cruise in September.   Contact Fleet Captain Cruising John Lugsdin if interested in participating:

Looking For a Pumpout Station?:  click the following link for an interactive map to find a sewage pumpout station close to you on the BC coast:

Considering Leading a Cruise?  Here are some things to think about: Leading a Cruise.

Reciprocal Moorage for Our Members:  If you are wondering about our reciprocal moorage agreements with a variety of other clubs on the coast, check out our Yacht Destinations page here.  And at the beginning of 2023, as is the case with our own reciprocal status, the reciprocal status of some participating Clubs may vary, so you are advised to check for “open status” before you go.  If you want further information about our reciprocal moorage agreements, visit this page or contact Reciprocal Officer Karen Laidlaw

Cruising in Our Local Area:  the former Fleet Captain Cruising Arne and Club member Jeremy Milsom of the SS Inn have put together a list of information about marinas and anchorages in the local SSI geographical area: local cruising destinations. (Note that reciprocals are not included in this list.  Refer to the above for those.)

Sailing Around Vancouver Island:  If you are interested in cruising around Vancouver Island, you can get some advice from the late Past Commodore Dick Pattinson (who circumnavigated many times over the years in his 26 foot Grampian Gwaihir), in his now-historical notes from 1981 and 1983:  Dick Pattinson-1981-1983

Ever Been to Loughborough Inlet?  This article by Club member Michael Clark might help you decide to make a stop there if you are ever cruising in the area: Loughborough Inlet Article

Please reach out to our Fleet Captain Cruising, John Lugsdin, with any questions or suggestions.



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