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Gunkholing Cruise 2022 Report
Aug 3, 2022

’Twas a fine start to the Gunkholing Cruise; the skies were sunny, the seas were calm and the
temperatures were warm. The first stop of the itinerary was Winter Cove off Saturna Island. By early
evening, there were 8 boats anchored…
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Victoria Cruise 2022 Lots of Fun
Nov 13, 2022
The group of boats that joined in on the revived annual Victoria Cruise in September had a great time, according to the account written here by cruise leader Jonathan Taylor. To read all about it and see some photos, click here: victoria-inner-harbour-cruise-2022


Mid Season Cruise Report 2022
Nov 15, 2022
The revived 2022 cruising season had a good first half. For Cruise Captain John Lugsdin’s update on the first part of the cruising season, up to the middle of July, click here: mid-season-cruise-report-july-2022


2022 Cruising Highlights
Dec 01, 2022
Our 2022 objectives were to get ‘cruising activities’ back to normal (like pre-Covid) and to get newer Club members involved.
Club Cruising is very much back with 4 popular cruises: Round Salt Spring Cruise, Local Gunk Hole, Ole Fart (a very popular new focus), and Victoria. Early optimistic planning was for a series of 8 cruises; 3 were deferred for 2023 planning when resources proved unavailable. While numbers were lower than hoped for (pretty normal), enthusiasm and spirits were notably high. Only the Pub Cruise had to be cancelled due to Covid.
Education/Training/Entertainment program has been active and popular
Starting in the Spring, great interest and attendance at two ‘Boat management skills’ seminars addressing topics for newer and experienced boaters – multi aspects of ‘boat handling’ plus ‘Aids to Navigation’ refresher.
Back off the water this Fall/Winter: A multi session Zoom course on Weather (Dennis Fortin) and 2 in-person seminars on Battery Basics/Myths (Steve Pal) have proven highly popular – special thanks to Dennis and Steve plus to Stewart and Cheri Reid for facilitating these seminars – more coming up in the New Year. Wonderful to meet lots of newer member participants.
Reciprocal Program
Of important note and particular Club pride, Doug Manton and SISC Wharfinger staff delivered a season of very popular Reciprocal hospitality to dozens of visiting boaters!! Super thanks to Karen Laidlaw for Recip Program management and especially to Doug and his crew of Duty Wharfingers!
While achieving moderate success relative to somewhat lofty objectives, Cruising 2022 leaves us ‘smiling’. A ‘yours truly’ hi-lite was the Ole Fart Cruise; a truly remarkable super senior group of SISC stalwart ‘Club builders’ sailed off in all their glory!! Bob Jones n Dorothy Finnigan were the blazing stars of the ‘Ole fart’ universe hosting the best GnT party ever!
Huge thanks go to newer members Jon n Janet Taylor/Victoria Cruise and to Stewart n Cheri Reid/Seminar organizers plus special congrats to new cruiser Ted Baldwinson and Barbara for persistence in gaining a plethora of new skills and experience – who says an ‘ole SSI dog can’t learn new tricks’!!
We’re getting ready for SISC Cruising 2023!


Report from Mandolyn on her Mexican Cruise
Dec 26, 2022
Club members Doug Hornsey and Sarah Hanna and their two children are making an epic journey in their 38 foot cutter Mandolyn. To read their recent report from Mazatlan, Mexico, click here.

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