The Saltspring Island Sailing Club was built on volunteerism. Our tradition of self-reliance depends on the active support of member volunteers who give of their skills, knowledge and time. Members are rewarded for their efforts through well-run racing, cruising, junior, social and educational programs; with excellent waterfront and on-shore facilities and affordable moorage; and by life-long friendships.

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer work is organized through the Club’s committees (information available under the Volunteers pull down menu at the top of this page).
Each member is expected to contribute a minimum of 20 volunteer hours every year.  (Many members do far more than that.)  There are many opportunities for Club members to volunteer according to their skills and abilities, whether they contribute physical labour, trade skills, clerical or administrative help, organizational skills, professional expertise, consulting services, assistance with hospitality and social events, summer Daily Wharfinger duties, or service on the Board. Every aspect of Club management and maintenance is accomplished through volunteer labour.  Everyone’s contribution is valued and is very much appreciated.  We hope people will find their niche in the volunteer scene at the Club, and that people will volunteer because they have fun doing it and feel a sense of satisfaction in helping to make the Club a success.

Have questions or need information? Contact any of the Club Committee chairs (you’ll find lists under both the Volunteers and Contacts pull down menus above and in the yearbook), or get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator. If you’re a new member, your Club sponsors can also help familiarize you with volunteering opportunities.  Once you’ve been issued your yellow t-shirt and joined in the fun, you’ll feel like one of the team!

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