Many thanks to Philippe Erdmer (Kaitoa) for compiling the club race results, Vincent Argiro (Velica) for compiling RSS and Vendee race results Lawrie Neish (Hereticus) for engraving trophies.


Trophy/Donated By: Winner Second Third
Ben Mohr Rock
Roger Banks Paramour Electra Caliente
Ground Hog
Bob MacAllister Electra Velica Oasis
McMillan Trophy
McMillan Family Kay D Soul Thyme Oasis
Walker Rock
Charles Sutcliffe Velica Oasis Caliente
Spring Regatta
Don Baxter Velica Bravo Zulu1 Imp
Round Prevost
Jim Sinclair Imp Kay D Oasis
Round Penders
Brian Rowley Kay D Imp Final Dash
Bas Cobanli Memorial
  Bravo Zulu2 Kay D Electra
Ted Coombes Kay D Paramour Imp
Round Salt Spring (Club boats)
Steve & Pam Thomas Braveheart Velica Electra
Marshall Sharp (RSI Open)
Norah Sharp My-Tai
Emma Mischief
Channel Islands
John & Nancy Rainsford Kay D Oasis Deryn Mohr
Vendee Saltspring
David Wood Imp Caliente Kay D
Wed. Night June
Caliente Imp Final Dash
Wed. Night July
Imp Final Dash Oasis
Wed. Night August
Kay D Imp Final Dash
Summer Series
Dick Moore Imp Final Dash Kay D
Visitor’s Race
Alicia Baxter Electra Soul Thyme Kaitoa
Montague Harbour
Peter McMillan Kay D Soul Thyme Bravo Zulu2
Captain Passage
Rick Paton Electra Kay D Imp
Jack Langdon
Don Baxter & Tom Butler-Cole JJ Flash Imp Baron Rouge
Long Harbour
  Kay D Paramour Wildfire
Prevost Challenge
Tony Brogan Naru Electra Oasis
Kibble Cup
Roger Kibble Kay D Velica Oasis
Points Trophy
Doug Thomas Kay D Imp Electra
Most Improved
Jim Ballantyne Gyle Keating
Broken Tiller
Bas Cobanli Eric van Soeren – for ‘Re-Grounding’
Most Enthusiastic Racer
Peter Drage Family Philippe Erdmer – who also wins Most Enthusiastic Boat Trader
Best Crew
Lawrie Neish Martin Counsell – the brains behind ‘Wildfire’

1. Skipper: Philippe Erdmer
2. Skipper: Mark Strongman

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