Booking the Clubhouse

For step-by-step instructions on the new procedures for booking the Clubhouse for a function, see below. This calendar is provided for reference only in booking an event. For information or assistance, please contact the Clubhouse Booking Coordinator. If you are just looking for the Club events going on in the Clubhouse, please use the Events Calendar instead.


Note that only Saltspring Island Sailing Club Members may submit a Clubhouse Booking Request.  For members of the public wanting to book a private function, it is necessary to have a Club member sponsor and book the event.  Note that there are now 2 separate processes for booking the Clubhouse, depending on the event.


If you are booking a Club event such as a Club committee meeting, or a Club-sponsored event such as a presentation or course by one of our sponsored associations (eg. Power Squadron), the process is simple.  Check the Clubhouse Booking Calendar to ensure your date is available.  Then email the Clubhouse Booking Coordinator at listing the date and time, and your event will be booked for you.


If you are booking a private event (such as a family gathering, wedding, celebration, etc.), the following process applies:


Check Clubhouse Booking Calendar.

To see if the date and time you want is available, first check the Clubhouse Booking Calendar. While this calendar is kept as up-to-date as possible, not all booked dates may be shown and your desired date still needs to be confirmed.


Confirm availability to put a tentative “hold” on date.

Before you submit a Clubhouse Booking Request form, please contact the Clubhouse Booking Coordinator to confirm that your date is available for the type of event you’re planning. Note: liquor licensing regulations limit the number of events involving liquor that can be held in the Clubhouse. Club-related events have priority.


Download the Clubhouse Booking Request form, read the conditions for use, and submit the signed form.

Download the Clubhouse Booking Request form here: SISC Clubhouse Booking Request

At this time, you will need to print the PDF file and fill it out. All private events also require submission of event insurance documentation, host liquor liability insurance if applicable (both obtainable at your insurance office), and liquor license if applicable (obtained through BC Liquor stores or on-line). The form may be mailed to the Club to the attention of the Clubhouse Booking Coordinator (in which case also send her an email to to warn her it is coming), dropped off in the Vice Commodore’s mail slot at the Clubhouse, or scanned and emailed to the Clubhouse Booking Coordinator (as an attachment from your own email account) to this address: Fees for use of the Clubhouse are $100 for members and $150 for non-members.


Final confirmation and supervision of the event by member.

The Clubhouse Booking Coordinator will provide final confirmation of your date based on your Booking Request, once any required terms are met and the Vice Commodore has approved the booking. The Booking Request is a contract, and the member is responsible for meeting the conditions of use, including attending and supervising any sponsored private event, and ensuring that safety, legal, housekeeping and courtesy rules are adhered to.

Please note that it is not possible to “book” the Club grounds for exclusive event use, as it is necessary to allow Club members to access the property at all times. Please discuss with the Clubhouse Booking Coordinator what use you wish to make of the Club grounds as part of your Clubhouse booking in order to confirm permission for your intended use outside the Clubhouse.

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