SISC Local Rating Protocol for 2015

By Roger Kibble

This local SISC rating protocol is a combination of the established and widely used PHRF-NW rating protocol and a local, modifying formula that gives additional allowances for the competing influences of displacement, hull form and the variable state of a each boat’s specification and preparation.

The challenge for a local rating system is to address these variables so that fairness and consistency are maintained and sailing excellence rewarded by a rating process that offers the potential of equality among all local race participants.

It is indeed a challenging task. The reality is that a 12,500 lb plus heavy vessel cannot race effectively against an 800 lb. semi-dinghy in the lighter airs and sheltered conditions that often prevail in our local waters. Conversely an ultra light displacement boat is strongly advantaged in the lighter airs that prevail in our local waters. At SISC we have agreed on a custom rating adjustment system to make our local racing as equitable as possible for a wide spectrum of sailing boats in wind strengths of 6-10 knots.

Our task is to enable local racing on a level playing field.  At the same time we strive to keep our racing fun and rewarding in a way that does not artificially subsidize the sailing mistakes of a skipper and crew. We are determined to allow as much as possible the cut and thrust of each race to entertain, challenge and satisfy all participants and enable the result to be based on the skill and effort of good sailing as much as possible.  In effect, each boat is rated rather than rating the boat’s skipper and/or crew. It works as follows.

Current PHRF-NW base ratings are the starting point. All local SISC racers are expected to maintain a current PHRF-NW membership and current rating certificate for their boat. All SISC skippers must confirm their boat’s adjustment specs to the SISC rating officer. If this is not done their local adjustments will be estimated, possibly to their rating disadvantage.

  1. Use established PHRF-NW ‘Cruising Class ’ rating adjustment protocol.
  2. Modify the PHRF-NW ‘CC’ rating for all SISC boats with a performance factor for all boats except those that are determined to be more fully prepared for racing.
  3. The local standard Performance Factor allowance takes into account, vessel weight, degree of racing preparation and ultra lightweight displacement boat Disp/SA ratio of more than 28 classification if applicable.

Local PHRF-NW ‘CC’ Rating Criteria

• All boat ratings are based on the PHRF-NW ‘Cruising Class’ rating criteria defined by PHRF-NW Yearbook (Paragraph U) with additional modifications detailed below.

• Specified rating allowances prescribed by PHRF-NW are made for:

• roller furling for jib and mainsails (+3 secs each),

• windlass/anchor pulpit placement (+3 secs),

• displacement modification (+ 3 secs for each 3% increase to rated displacement),

• bottom condition (3 secs minor/6 secs major),

• average age of sails (+3 secs for average inventory age 5-10 years and +6 secs for average age of +10 years and more)

• Modified Performance Factor defined below.

The Performance Factor applied to all club boats, with some defined exceptions, is as follows:

• +15 seconds for all boats with a full keel

• +15 seconds for all boats with a displacement of less than 12,499 lbs

• +25 seconds for all boats with a displacement of more than 12,500 lbs

• +15 seconds for all boats sailing permanently in NFS mode

• -25 seconds for all ULDB boats with a Displ /SA ratio of more than 28.

Only one Performance Factor adjustment will be applied to any one boat.

• The above positive (+) performance factors will NOT apply to boats deemed to be more efficiently configured to race under PHRF-NW. This criterion is defined as those boats with a total of 9 seconds or less of total “CC’ adjustment factors excluding sail age and performance factor adjustments.

• Any boat that places in the top three of race results more than three times among the previous six ‘points-series’ races will also be deemed to be competitive for PHRF racing and will lose their Performance Factor adjustment. Likewise if an ULDB boat does not finish as described its negative adjustment will be removed.

• Ratings will remain consistent through the year unless there is a revision in measurement or specification for any boat or if the boat performs as defined above.

• Any change of boat specification should be reported to the SISC Rating Officer before the next race. Such changes include: acquisition of new sails; changes to displacement; changes to bottom condition as a result of painting and /or extensive cleaning; addition /removal of roller furling; changes to anchor/windlass position or any other modification that would affect the local SISC ‘CC’ adjustment.

• Local ratings are based on current PHRF-NW rating certificates or equivalent as-sailed ratings determined by the SISC Rating Officer and boat specifications submitted to the SISC Rating Officer by each skipper. Ratings provided are not subject to appeal.

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