The Round Prevost Open Challenge is an open race that can be attempted individually any day and at any time at the Skipper’s discretion up to a week prior to the Annual Skippers Awards event for 2018.

The course is 13.1 miles from the Club, keeping Prevost Island to port or starboard, at Skipper’s choice, and back to the finish line.

Skippers must accurately record their start and finish times (or elapsed time) and submit them promptly by email to the Club Scorer and the Fleet Captain. Results are calculated using T on D with the base PHRF-BC as sailed rating.

The current record holder is Martin Herbert in Kay D, set on October 8, 2013 with a corrected time of 1:39:04. This broke the previous record of 1:45:00 (corrected time), which was set by Dick Pattinson in Gwaihir in 1988 and stood for 25 years.

Each challenge attempt counts in a draw for a bottle of fine spirits.

The best-recorded corrected time wins the Prevost Challenge Trophy presented each year at Awards Night.

Boat Skipper PHRF As sailed Elapsed Time Corrected TOD Attempts
 Radiant Heat Tony Brogan 138 156 2:26:8 1:52:04 3
 Electra Roger Kibble 141 162 2:31:30 1:56:08 1

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