Tidal Grid

Use of Tidal Grid

Any member with a boat moored at the Club who wishes to use the SISC Tidal Grid adjacent to the Club pier must request authorization and book a date in advance. It is the owner’s responsibility to check tidal conditions to ensure safe temporary occupation of the Tidal Grid.

Regulations and Conditions

Please review the following regulations and conditions before using the Tidal Grid:

  • SISC Regulation 4.11: Because of concerns related to the release of toxic substances into the environment, the Club Tidal Grid is to be used for inspections and changing of zinc anodes only. It is not to be used for scraping, power washing, painting, or the removal of marine growth by any means.
  • Fisheries Act: No deposit of deleterious (toxic or harmful) substance in water frequented by fish. Maximum penalties upon conviction are a fine of up to $1,000,000 or up to 3 years in prison, or both.
  • Regulation 4.5: Mooring lines shall be fastened so as not to endanger Club installations.
  • Regulation 4.7: All vessels are moored on Club property (including use of the Tidal Grid) at owners’ risk, and the Club will not in any way be responsible for losses sustained by theft, stress of weather or careless handling of vessels. I accept liability for any damage caused to Club property resulting from use of the Tidal Grid.
  • No use of the Tidal Grid is allowed without signed approval of the Rear Commodore.
  • You must remain in proximity to the boat at all times while on the Tidal Grid, except for personal necessities or excursions to obtain necessary equipment or tools to complete the job. The boat will not be left unattended overnight.

Daily Wharfinger Program: May 15th – September 15th

Before you try to book any days as daily duty wharfinger, you must be signed in to the website. Please use the LOGIN/MEMBER RESOURCES link above right to sign in, and then return to this page to do your bookings.

Please note that signing up for a duty spot carries with it the responsibility to find your own replacement if you have to cancel.

The document outlining the daily duties of the duty wharfinger is accessible here:

If you need to contact the wharfinger, he can be reached at wharfinger@saltspringsailing.ca

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