Wednesday Night Racing – June 5, 2013

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First Wednesday night of the season saw nine boats grace the line and enjoy a beautiful gentle breeze.

Beating out of the harbour past the Sisters, taking Welbury Spar to Port then rolling home. Escape and Kay D chose the lee end of the starting line while Imp grabbed the weather.  Sprite had a good middle line start in clear air. Imp, under new management, looked impressive and lead the fleet, with Kaitoa and Electra working through the fleet.

Imp’s old management also looked impressive sailing in Sprite, showing how much the May training in Flying Fifteens had brushed up their game. Greg and Ian sailed a flawless race and pulled off some impressive gybes with the kite flying throughout the turn.  Both Imp and Sprite sail their boats as teams and so team work shines. Kaitoa also is developing a team as the juniors were again invited aboard. Philippe is doing a great thing for the club by sharing his boat and encouraging the future of our club.

Roger was single handing Electra and managed to hold third place both in line honours and final score. Imp came in on the dying wind and took the win in both categories with Sprite taking second on the final score. The rest of us had to be satisfied with a lovely evening of sailing and very satisfying it was. Mark Strongman on the spinnaker of the Kay D had a great gybing duel with Gyle Keating, doing everything on Wildfire and both managed to sneak past Second Wind.

Second Wind had marched to weather very nicely but I am thinking Eric might be missing that huge spinnaker on his old boat. I know that it had struck terror into my heart on several occasions, especially when I could hear the bow wave getting closer and closer. It was good to see Final Dash out and with quite a dashing crew as well, but a winter on her mooring seems to have added some growth to the bottom that no handicap could over come. While not finishing the race they remained in remarkably good spirits and enlivened the post race dock talk with some good tales.

Wednesday Night Racing, good friends, good fun…every Wednesday from now to the end of August.

Martin Herbert
aboard the Kay D

Official Results (courtesy Philippe Erdmer – ‘Kaitoa’)

Course: See Above

Scoring with SISC Club ratings:

PHRF Rating Club
As Sailed Rating Boat Skipper Finish Time Corrected
(T on T)
162 137 137 IMP Leitch 18:17:25 01:16:36 1
213 213 213 SPRITE Slakov 18:28:06 01:18:07 2
144 144 144 ELECTRA Kibble 18:22:22 01:20:38 3
102 108 108 KAITOA Erdmer 18:19:04 01:21:50 4
213 213 213 KAY D Herbert 18:34:10 01:23:30 5
144 159 159 WILDFIRE Keating 18:35:45 01:31:40 6
152 186 186 SECOND WIND van Soeren 18:46:40 01:38:12 7
162 0 162 ESCAPE Devlin 18:48:20 01:43:15 8
112 121 121 FINAL DASH Wood DNF DNF 9


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