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All Hands on Deck for Opening Day and Sailpast!

I invite all Club members to join me at our Annual Opening Day this Sunday. This is one of the most important events of the Club year, an occasion for Club members to show the high regard and respect in which they hold the Club. It’s also a lot of fun – a great chance to meet and mingle with fellow members at the start of boating season, enjoy a delicious “High Tea” buffet, and share a toast or two!

Because our Club is also hosting the Canadian IOM Regatta this year on the same weekend as Opening Day, the timing and some of the details of this traditional event are a bit different from previous years. Here’s what you need to know:

DATE: Sunday, April 30th


12:30 – IOM “Sailpast” Salute
SISC members are invited to attend a ceremonial “sailpast” of IOM radio controlled boats to salute our Commodore, as the final event of the IOM Regatta. Assemble on F-Dock with the Commodore to view the small boat sailpast and congratulate the IOM Regatta winners.

13:00—Club Sailpast Muster
All Club boats participating in the Annual Sailpast leave the docks and begin to form a line in the harbour behind the Fleet Captain Racing aboard Nonsuch 30 sailboat Spree.

13:30—Sailpast Begins
Click the link below to download full Sailpast Directions. Please also review the Club Annual Yearbook for flag etiquette and other Sailpast information, and monitor Channel 72 for instructions.

15:00—Commodore’s Procession
The Commodore and flag officers will be piped up from the docks to the clubhouse to begin the Opening Day celebrations and “High Tea”. Crews from Sailpast boats, and all other Club members who come for the Opening Day “High Tea”, are encouraged to assemble along the procession route: along the pier and the driveway up to the clubhouse, or on the clubhouse deck.

15:30—”High Tea” in the Clubhouse
The clubhouse will be opened on arrival of the Procession. All Club members are invited to greet the Commodore and share a champagne toast and a delicious selection of “High Tea” goodies. There will be lots of time to mingle with fellow members and meet up with old friends and new.


Parking on Sunday
There will be volunteers directing Club members arriving by car on where to park. Some of the parking area will be occupied by IOM guests who are at the Club for their regatta, especially before the beginning of our Club Sailpast at 13:30, so please look for a Club parking attendant to show you where to park, or for posted parking signs, and follow their directions.

“High Tea” Food and Drink
Complimentary champagne-and-orange juice will be offered to start the party with a toast. There will also be a no-host bar with wine, beer and sodas. There even may be actual tea! A great selection of sweet and savory goodies will be served buffet-style, including scones with the traditional toppings.

Dress Code
Our Opening Day is a casual affair, but for those who want to show off their blue blazers, nautical striped shirts, or whatever maritime costumes they fancy, please do! Be creative – we’ll be taking pictures!

Show Your Club Spirit!
We’ve all missed our usual Club social events over the past 3 years, so let’s kick-off the new boating season with a great reunion and have some fun! There are many new members and this is the perfect occasion to all get together and get to know each other. If you’re able to do the Sailpast, please make an effort to take part. But if you’re unable to participate in the Sailpast, plan to come for the party!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Commodore Roy Marlatt

Please note that members should check their email for more details.


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