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SISC Cruise Event – Broughton Archipelago!

Please be advised we’re planning a cruise to the Broughton Archipelago this June. Since this is a long distance cruise and we’d like to provide participants with a lot of flexibility, this cruise will be different than other cruises. The plan is to provide details concerning the route and daily destinations and allow participants to have complete discretion as to where and when they join in. For example, you may choose to only participate on certain legs of the trip and/or meet only at certain daily destinations. This should help to accommodate various travelling speeds and the time you are away from home.

We’ll establish a VHF channel for all cruise participants to communicate so we can assist each other as required. Also, we can plan pot luck suppers etc at the various destinations.

The dates for the cruise are June 16 to July 3, 2023.

Click here for the cruise itinerary.

Please contact me to confirm your participation or with any questions, etc.

I hope you can participate!

Jon Taylor, contact through

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