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Captain Pass Race Report (June 2, 2024)

by Martin Herbert aboard the Kay D

Wet but wonderful. Six boats turned out to brave the elements. Our very clever Fleet Captain Racing shortened the race so that we did not freeze or drown, much appreciated. We had a long beat out to the Channel Islands and a much faster run home under flying sails. Ogopogo lead the way from shortly after the start and dwindled in size at an alarming rate. Sorcery X and Slippery When Wet battled up the Saltspring shore keeping out of the tide. Steller J and the Kay D were lured out by fingers of extra wind and got some short term gains before getting too far out into the tide. Steller J played this game the best and got back to the Saltspring shore, Kay D not so much. The wind then filled in and the leaders jumped ahead, rounding and flying for home. The two Flying Fifteens guarded the back of the fleet and came in soaked but smiling. Jill and Kelly-Ann had a great spinnaker run and were beaming with joy after the race. So good to see.



Club Handicap Result

Club  Finish Corrected Rating for club
Rating Boat  Skipper Time Time Place Next Race points
41 OGOPOGO Faget 12:58:01 02:51:30 1 32 100
105 SLIPPERY WHEN WET Gang of 5 13:15:00 02:51:36 2 99 83
65 SORCERY X Slakov 13:09:41 02:57:26 3 62 67
161 KAY D Herbert 13:42:03 03:03:18 4 164 50
117 STELLER J Leitch 13:31:10 03:04:52 5 123 33
265 ROBYN HOOD Oakes 14:30:06 03:18:49 6 274 17


PHRFBC Finish Corrected
Rating Boat  Skipper Time Time Place
99 OGOPOGO Faget 12:58:01 02:35:26 1
126 SLIPPERY WHEN WET Gang of 5 13:15:00 02:46:01 2
92 SORCERY X Slakov 13:09:41 02:49:36 3
205 KAY D Herbert 13:42:03 02:52:11 4
162 STELLER J (NFS) Leitch 13:31:10 02:52:40 5
205 ROBYN HOOD Oakes 14:30:06 03:35:16 6

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