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Racing 102 (a follow up to Racing 101):  April 25, 7-9 pm

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About the Talk: The Racing 102 session will build on the vocabulary of what this thing is that we call racing, which we introduced in Racing 101 a couple of weeks ago.

Designed to appeal to people who might consider coming out to try their hand at Club racing, these two seminars Racing 101 and Racing 102 constitute a broad overview to introduce people to racing (along the lines of “getting you to the start line”) and will hopefully encourage folks to give it a try in some of our short Club races.  Hopefully both of these seminars will let you in on a big secret, which is that, if you want to be a better sailor, try racing!  In this second session, Paul will talk about boat speed, racing tactics, and course strategy, topics which can all be tailored to the audience and any questions that may come from the audience.

Depending on who shows up, and what they are interested in, Paul will share some tips and tricks on how to sail fast and efficiently on the race course. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and participate in the discussion.  Paul may not have all the answers, but in his almost 60 years of racing he has made just about every mistake that can be made, so will at least be able to advise what not to do.  And minimizing mistakes is one of the best strategies for winning the race.

Come on out and see what it’s all about!  There is still lots of space left.  To register, please contact

Paul Faget:  Paul is our current Fleet Captain Racing and has a wealth of racing experience to share.  He claims to have made nearly every mistake known to racing and has stories and strategies to share from his close to 60 years of racing.


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