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The forecast was for a high of minus 2 during the day, but Andy and I
decided to head to the club anyways.  I got to the boat a bit early and
swept the snow off the deck; there was very little ice.  I have to say I
was surprised when only Paul and April were the only other sailors at
the club at 9:45.  As there was no quorum for a race (3 boats minimum),
they decided to go home. Andy and I went for it anyways.  It is fun to
sail down Long Harbour, so that is what we did.

It was chilly beating into the very shifty 2 to 10 knot east wind, but
the 10 or 15 tacks just to get to Horda Shoal kept us warm enough.  It
certainly was beautiful out.  There we hoisted the spinnaker and just
eked our way around Scott Point using the spinnaker as an enormous code
zero.  The wind in Long Harbour was perhaps even more shifty and puffy
than in Ganges Harbour, so we were kept busy by lots of gybes and
tacks.  On our way home the sun asserted itself, and we had a glorious
and warm spinnaker run home.

It would have been a great day for the real running of this race, so
don’t be put off by a bit of chilly weather next time!  On the other
hand, maybe everyone is in Mexico right now.  I know that Jill Oakes is
in New Zealand sailing in a huge fleet of modern Flying Fifteens as I
write this.

Greg Slakov on Sorcery X

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