In 2024 Races, Members

We are in need of a volunteer member to coordinate the house and grounds portion of the Round Salt Spring Race event on the long weekend in May. The individual in this position will direct teams of volunteers to deal with well-defined tasks to set up the property, manage parking, garbage, recycling and sanitation.

The person in this position will coordinate with the race chair and be supported by the Vice Commodore and other club members with experience of this role. You are getting this email because you expressed volunteer interest in the areas of House and Grounds and/or the Round Salt Spring Race.

Note that in previous years this role has been filled by the House and Grounds Coordinator, who also had responsibility for all activities related to the property throughout the year. We have elected to make the role of directing the house and grounds elements of the race more manageable by separating it from the other responsibilities.

If you are interested in taking on this rewarding and challenging role please contact Vice Commodore Ben Sutton or contact race chair John Tulip

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