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The Commodore has scheduled informal information sessions every second Saturday of each month, in the Clubhouse starting at 10 AM through to noon. The Commodore and invited guests will be present to lead the discussions.  We will have coffee and treats available and want to encourage questions and dialog with our fellow members.  The first meeting will be Saturday, Dec. 11, the topic being The Elephant, our new discussion forum, with guest leaders Iain Pennington and Graham Likeness.  Please check the online Events Calendar (link at the top of every page on the website) for the exact twice monthly dates and topics January to May.

The following topics are in the plans (months in brackets):

[1] Reviewing separate items from our Long Term Planning Group such as noise mitigation, a new clubhouse at what cost, a new social deck but where to be located, changes to shore access for launching small craft, a new septic system if needed and where to locate, better parking layout and easier access, can we use a new general meeting area and where…(February, March, April, May)

[2] Kayak/canoe storage and do we have an interest from our members? What kind of facility might it look like, how to launch & recover? What about access for small crafts, can we have a suitable system to put them into and out of the water safely? (January)

[3] An explanation of various accounting and financial terminology. This to allow our members to better understand what is being said by our financial officer. Because as members we must vote on certain issues, part of the understanding and knowledge needed to make an informed vote is to study and know what is being said. (January)

[4] Boat maintenance issues and repairs are of interest to all boating members. Our club has a vast knowledge base of how to deal with typical problems, but no way to connect up people who have this knowledge with those who need it. Weather conditions and alerts, how to manage your boat in an emergency, how to fix your diesel engine problem, radio use and necessary safety equipment you need to have on board are among all the issues that can be discussed.

[5] Using the new club discussion forum The Elephant. Now that this is officially launched, our moderators are keen to come and give us a run-through and to lead discussion. (December, April)

Hope to see you on Dec. 11, 10 am in the Clubhouse, for the first session on The Elephant.

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