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WNR 1.3 Race Report (June 19, 2024)

by Martin Herbert aboard the Kay D

The third Wednesday Night Race saw a light SE breeze that looked like it had every intention of dying and did not extend beyond the Sisters. Ganges Shoal to port and home was the optimistic choice for a race course with a tongue in cheek option to do two laps (no takers on that one). We were joined by the Ganges Harbour Master Russ sailing “Soarsa”, a boat well known to the Club but the actual pronunciation of the name apparently calls for some rolling of the vowels. Also of note were the three Flying Fifteens who both started and finished the race. The fleet was rounded out by the Gang of Five in Slippery, Douglas in Firefly, John in Horizon, and Craig in Steller J.

The start line was slightly Club end favoured and it looked to be crowded. Kay D hovered above the lay line, waiting for those who were too early to run off down the line. Firefly also opted for this option, so the Kay D was forced to luff her well above the mark and hold her there until the last moment, then bear away and capture the pin end start. She then played the Saltspring shore and led the fleet down the harbour until the first dead spot and the reshuffling of the fleet. Firefly then picked up the torch and led the fleet from hole to hole, extending, and being almost caught but never giving up the lead. Kay D was bumped down the ladder, being passed by Slippery and Horizon on one side, while Steller J passed her on the other.

The run for home was full of traps and dead spots, with gusts showing on the water then disappearing into nothing. Steller J, who had worked out a good hold on second place, slipped out of the wind and her spinnaker backfilled until the boat speed came off. This sickening feeling of sailing over the wind would then be handed around the fleet. No one was safe. The Kay D took advantage of being easy to manoeuvre and able to accelerate on the slightest zephyr to work her way back into second over the line. Slippery, Horizon and Steller J crossed next, very close together. The other two Flying Fifteens skippered by Jill Oakes and Jan Macpherson were not far behind, bracketing Russ to round out the finishers.

Beautiful sunny evening on the picnic tables post race. The moments of brilliance during the race had been shared so evenly that everyone had a smile on their face and a good story to tell.

Club Handicap Result

Club  Finish Corrected Rating for
Rating Boat  Skipper Time Time Place Next Race
150 FIREFLY Woolcock 18:38:30 01:35:34 1 141
277 ROBYN HOOD Oakes 19:04:22 01:41:26 2 271
170 KAY D Herbert 18:52:40 01:46:08 3 167
123 STELLER J Leitch 18:55:05 01:56:20 4 123
126 HORIZON Hillier 18:56:27 01:57:10 5 129
99 SLIPPERY WHEN WET Gang of 5 18:52:50 01:58:29 6 105
277 BLUEBIRD JanBarb 19:40:45 02:11:06 7 286


PHRFBC Finish Corrected
Rating Boat  Skipper Time Time Place
138 FIREFLY Woolcock 18:38:30 01:37:18 1
205 KAY D Herbert 18:52:40 01:41:01 2
205 ROBYN HOOD Oakes 19:04:22 01:51:30 3
144 STELLER J Leitch 18:55:05 01:52:39 4
147 HORIZON Hillier 18:56:27 01:53:29 5
126 SLIPPERY WHEN WET Gang of 5 18:52:50 01:53:32 6
205 BLUEBIRD JanBarb 19:40:45 02:24:07 7

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