In Members, Stories 2023

This year we still have two important positions within the club administration to fill.

The first is Staff Captain, responsible for organizing and overseeing club social events such as pub nights, volunteer appreciation bbq’s, annual social events, etc.  During Covid most of these events were cancelled or postponed, leading to reduced activity in this position. However the resulting reduced social interaction means that many new members have yet to properly make connections within the club and this is damaging to our social fabric.  As we gradually come out of the COVID lockdown and move towards normal life, the position of Staff Captain will take on a special role in helping us to rebuild club activities.  The person taking on this role will have the opportunity to reinvent how we use the clubhouse and grounds and how we engage our members, bringing fun back into our lives.

This is a board position requiring attendance at most monthly evening board meetings (excluding July and August) and reporting to the membership at the less frequent General Meetings.

There will be a solid social committee to work in this area with the Staff Captain.  Previous Staff Captain John Tulip is willing to talk to anyone who has questions about this position.

The second position is Volunteer Coordinator.  This individual would oversee volunteerism in the Club, help keep track of members’ volunteer interests, send out volunteer requests, organize volunteer recruitment for events in the Club, help to recruit for important Club positions, and assist committees in staffing Club events.  It’s a job for someone who enjoys organizing on their own time and who has some facility with (or is willing to learn about) computers.  There is a job description here:  However, the truth is, this job can be massaged to suit whoever takes it on and makes it theirs.  Two former Volunteer Coordinators are willing to speak with anyone interested:  John Tulip ( and Wendy Vine (

If you are interested in either of these positions please contact, Chris Cheeseman, Past Commodore

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