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The Club has a need for people to step up to fill two key volunteer positions in the Club insfrastructure—sailing school coordinator and volunteer coordinator.

Sailing School Coordinator

 This person works with the Fleet Captain Dinghy to run the sailing school in the summer months.  It is an extremely important position in the Club, but lots of fun for the right person!  It might even be a job that two people could share as a team.  The job description can be seen here:

If you have questions or you think you could be the right person(s) for this job, please contact Fleet Captain Dinghy Douglas Woolcock 

Volunteer Coordinator

This is a significant volunteer position which has been open for a while.  Someone can configure this key support role in their own way and do the job on their own schedule. It can be a very satisfying way to make a real difference in the Sailing Club, with perhaps the most rewarding part being the opportunity to work with and get to know fellow Club members and the Board. 

Providing the main support for volunteer culture in the Club, the position involves overseeing and encouraging Club volunteerism by keeping members aware of all volunteer opportunities and by updating the volunteer interests section of the membership database.  It will include advertising and perhaps actively recruiting for key non-Board volunteer positions, liaising wth committee heads and the Board to advertise varying volunteer needs, reviewing job descriptions, and helping members to find their volunteering niche in the Club.  It may eventually evolve into being the head of a new committee.  A rough idea of what the job has involved in the past can be found here, although the job description needs updating:

Former Volunteer Coordinators Wendy Vine ( and John Tulip ( are open to discussing with interested members what the job involves. If you are interested, please contact Past Commodore Chris Cheeseman,

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