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You have had a number of members working for you in the Uplands Planning Committee and their report is ready. Over the past number of years SISC has commissioned the Long Term Planning Group, which focus primarily on the clubhouse area. Recently the Club has received a professional report on the marina assets, from member Chris Small.

The two key elements that the “UPC” worked with are noted above and more details will be generated under the guidance of the 2024 Board of Directors. This means that our club is going to be working towards a plan that encompasses cash flow, expenditures, liabilities, and asset development. Doing nothing at all means the Club has no future and it will only be capable of reaction rather than being pro-active.

We know our existing marina assets have a present day net replacement in the neighbourhood of over $9 million and they have a finite life. Your contributions to the Club will be your fees and your volunteer time. We will use the time wisely and put extra effort into maintaining our docks. If we do a great job we get extra longevity;  do poorly and we must replace sooner than we are planning for.

Please read the “UPC” report linked here in detail and be prepared to ask a few questions to the report presenter at our AGM in late November 2023.

ROY MARLATT, Commodore 2023,

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