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Wed Night Race 1.1 Report

June 5, 2024

by Martin aboard the Kay D

Beautiful wind out of the SE and warm with no rain. How perfect. Our fearless FCR had a course with three marks, choose the one you want to round. The Flying Fifteens took the short course with a bit of a reach, most of the fleet took the middle Horda Shoals, and Steller Jay did the long course. Gyle, Mia and Steve had Shingebiss on fire and rounded Horda in the lead. Ogopogo was not in the lead, obviously missing the calming influence of April, who was off-island buying sailing parts for other boats. Vern was having his first Flying Fifteen sail, sailing with Daria, a laser sailor who raced in the Adriatic waters of Italy. Greg and Holly had Sorcery X going well in advance of their upcoming ‘round Vancouver Island adventure (two months of cruising). The Slippery When Wet crew were also in fine form, having spent the afternoon retrieving an errant mainsail halyard.

The staggered race course had all the boats converging on the finish line, very exciting, and with no one really knowing who might actually be in the lead. Brilliant work, FCR! The short course Kay D grabbed line honours, having a last minute gust save her from being run down by Shingebiss. The after race party on the dock was a great start to our Wednesday Night racing series and what a beautiful night to go sailing. Well done all.

Thanks to Lisa Lipsett for the photos.







Club Handicap Result

Club  Finish Corrected Rating for
Rating Boat  Skipper Time Time Place Next Race
119 SHINGEBISS Keating 18:16:18 01:17:37 1 110
274 ROBYN HOOD Oakes 18:40:12 01:22:02 2 268
123 STELLER J Leitch 18:22:00 01:22:54 3 120
164 KAY D Herbert 18:30:22 01:25:52 4 164
99 SLIPPERY WHEN WET Gang of 5 18:22:55 01:27:04 5 102
62 SORCERY X Slakov 18:20:50 01:30:17 6 68
32 OGOPOGO Faget 18:19:30 01:33:37 7 41


PHRFBC Finish Corrected
Rating Boat  Skipper Time Time Place
144 STELLER J Leitch 18:22:17 01:20:33 1
205 KAY D Herbert 18:30:22 01:21:01 2
84 SHINGEBISS Keating 18:16:18 01:22:07 3
126 SLIPPERY WHEN WET Gang of 5 18:22:55 01:23:26 4
99 OGOPOGO Faget 18:19:30 01:23:29 5
92 SORCERY X Slakov 18:20:50 01:25:51 6
205 ROBYN HOOD Oakes 18:40:12 01:29:50 7

Elapsed times are based on the middle course distance of 6.0nm.  Elapsed times for Kay D and Robyn Hood who sailed the short course distance of 5.0nm are scaled by a factor of 6/5.  Elapsed time for Steller J which sailed the heroic long course distance of 7.0nm is scaled by a factor of 6/7.

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