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WNR 2.1 Race Report, July 3, 2024 

by Martin Herbert aboard the Kay D
Northerly dying and no wind beyond the Sisters. The course was set to Ganges Shoal and back with the chance of extension to 2 laps as the wind filled in. Boats on the water as the wind goes to zero. Batteries on the Kay D GPS also go to zero but Steller J saves the day by giving a 1 minute shout out. Start the count down timer on the 12 dollar watch that I got for Christmas and I am good for elapsed time.
Russ charges, in motoring fast straight from work, kills his engine with minutes left to go and cruises across the line in the lead.
Sails flap everywhere as the wind swings to SE, not all at once and not everywhere. Kay D flops onto starboard and crosses the fleet heading for Goat Island on the first of nine consecutive bad decisions. Firefly and Invictus make better calls and move up to the front, rounding the only mark in that order.
Steller J and Evangeline round, hoist colourful sails and pursue, hunting down Invictus, who is in cruising mode and does not fly colourful sails. The wind fills in from behind, bringing the three Flying Fifteens with it, along with the big green boat from Downtown Ganges.
The picnic table again proves to be popular and lots of stories are told. The Flying Fifteen crowd are excited about the arrival of four boats from Australia tomorrow, and everyone is excited about how much fun the Women’s Racing Group is having. Good food was shared and stories told. Noticed on the water was Minke, with Tony Meek aboard joined by her new owner Klare Yakabuski. Rumour has it that Tony has owned Minke since he was 25 years old. It is bitter/sweet to see her go but Tony has found her a good home.
Club Handicap Results
Updated club handicap result for WNR 2.1
Club Finish Corrected Rating for
Rating Boat Skipper Time Time Place Next Race
135 FIREFLY Woolcock 18:03:50 01:03:21 1 126
132 STELLER J Leitch 18:04:22 01:04:10 2 126
139 EVANGELINE Sutton 18:07:15 01:06:20 3 136
268 ROBYN HOOD Oakes 18:21:58 01:07:37 4 268
158 KAY D Herbert 18:12:20 01:09:21 5 161
120 INVICTUS Lhotzky 18:10:15 01:11:21 6 126
292 BLUEBIRD Mr Ree 18:35:30 01:16:27 7 301
PHRFBC Results
PHRFBC Finish Corrected
Rating Boat Skipper Time Time Place
144 STELLER J Leitch 18:04:22 01:03:01 1
205 KAY D Herbert 18:12:20 01:04:51 2
102 EVANGELINE Sutton 18:07:15 01:10:17 3
117 INVICTUS Lhotzky 18:10:15 01:11:41 4
205 ROBYN HOOD Oakes 18:21:58 01:13:29 5
226 BLUEBIRD (NFS) Mr Ree 18:35:30 01:23:13 6
138 FIREFLY Woolcock no time 7

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