In Stories 2023

Online Boat Show Accessible Until March 5

This is something that was brought to our attention by Club member Martin Herbert, who thought it might be of interest to other members.

The Worldwide Classic Boat Show is up and running online until March 5th (link below). There are at least three of our own Club members (Martin Herbert, Bruce Grey and Rob Denny) who have boats in the show (note that three of Martin’s boats are included.)

An access pass costs ten dollars and allows you to view and get details of hundreds of interesting boats from across the globe. There are also museums and schools listed, as well as information on boat gatherings like the “raids” and Festivals that are growing in popularity. Martin says that he signed on this year especially to get to see the “Race to Alaska” movie and to hear about the work being done by the Herreshoff Museum digitizing boat plans. All the presentations are available for delayed viewing. Especially on a snow day, this might seem like quite a bargain.

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