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Fleet Captain Racing Greg Taylor welcomes everyone to the 2022 racing season, an exciting combination of new and old races. Questions? Want to be on the racers’ email list and receive all race information and results?  Feel free to email Greg at If you have questions about the Club handicapping system still in place for 2022, see the Just Ask Greg article here. Hope to see you out on the course!

2022 Races

Race NameSeasonTrophy RaceDateDay1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
K RaceWinterJanuary 16, 2022SunFireflyRadiant HeatOgopogo
Ben Mohr RaceWinterTJanuary 23, 2022SunEnvangelineOgopogoRadiant Heat
TBAWinterJanuary 30, 2022Sun
TBAWinterPFebruary 6, 2022Sun
Round MoresbyWinterTFebruary 20, 2022SunKay DPturbodactylFirefly
Round Prevost ChallengeWinterMarch 6, 2022SunSecond WindBattle AxeRadiant Heat
TBAWinterMarch 20, 2022Sun
TBASpringApril 3, 2022Sun
TBASpringTApril 10, 2022Sun
SISC Round Saltspring Club EventSpringTApril 30-May 1, 2022Sat/Sun
SISC/SNSYC RegattaSpringMay 14-15, 2022Sat/Sun
Round Saltspring (VIRS)SpringMay 21-22, 2022Sat/Sun
SwiftsureSpringMay 28-30, 2022Sat/Sun
TBASpringMay 29, 2022Sun
Wed Night SeriesSpringJun3 1, 2022Wed
Lasqueti Island RaceSpringJune 3-5, 2022Sat/Sun
RNSASpringJune 4-5, 2022Sat/Sun
Wed Night SeriesSpringJune 8, 2022Wed
TBASpringTJune 12, 2022Sun
Wed Night SeriesSpringJune 15, 2022Wed
TBASummerJune 26, 2022Sun
Wed Night SeriesSummerJune 28, 2022Tues
Wed Night SeriesSummerJune 30, 2022Thurs

Race Contacts

Racing Committee

Greg Taylor (Fleet Captain Racing)
Douglas Woolcock (Handicapper/Scorekeeper)
Eric van Soeren

Racing Volunteers

IOM Representative: Martin Herbert
Trophies: Lawrie Neish
Website: Ryan Preddy
Women’s Racing: Heather Sloat

Round Saltspring Race

Chair: John Walker
Food Service: Gillian Taylor
Race Officer/Registrar: Richard Ballantyne
Shoreside Facilities: Chris Cheeseman
Communications: Silk Questo & Ryan Preddy
Merchandising: Cheryl Gadsby & Jody Hawley
Sponsorships/Prizes: Chris Gadsby & Jeremy Milsom
Docks: Bo Curtis

Race Archives

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Follow the links below to review past racing activity:

Race NameSeasonSeriesDateDay1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
New Year's Hot Rum RaceWinterNo SeriesJanuary 1, 2021FriRadiant Heat
Jack LangdonWinterSeries AJanuary 10, 2021Sun
PocoSkeena CloudSorcery X
Ups and DownsWinterSeries KJanuary 24, 2021SunRadiant HeatOasisSoul Thyme
Groundhog DayWinterSeries AJanuary 31, 2021SunPocoSkeena CloudSorcery X
Loopy KWinterSeries KFebruary 7, 2021SunOasisSorcery XRadiant Heat
McMillan TrophyWinterSeries AFebruary 21, 2021SunOasisRadiant HeatSkeena Cloud
Shake off DoldrumsWinterSeries KMarch 7, 2021SunSoul ThymePocoEvangeline
Walker RockWinterSeries AMarch 21, 2021SunEvangelineOasisKay D
Round PrevostSpringSeries AApril 11, 2021SunPturbodactylSoul ThymeOasis
Southern StraitsSpringApril 3-4, 2021Sat/Sun
Patos IslandSpringApril 10-11, 2021Sat/Sun
Impromptu K RaceSpringSeries KApril 18, 2021SunRadiant HeatSkeena CloudEvangeline
Montague Race/CruiseSpringSeries KApril 24-25, 2021Sat/Sun
Thetis Island RegattaSpringMay 8-9, 2021Sat/Sun
Captain's PassageSpringSeries AMay 2, 2021SunBattle AxeSkeena CloudStar Gazer
Round SaltspringSpringSeries BMay 22-23Sat/SunBattle Axe
Race in the SisterhoodSpringSeries KJune 13, 2021SunPocoSkeena CloudOasis
Pursuit RaceSpring?? (replacing Portland-Moresby)June 20, 2021SunOasisPturbodactylShingebiss
Series June Wed. Night SpringSeries BJune, 2021Wed23rd Sorcery X23rd Pturbodactyl23rd Shingebiss
Series July Wed. NightJuly, 2021Wed7th Pturbodactyl, 14th Pturbodactyl, 21st Shingebiss, 28th Sorcery X7th Kay D, 14th Evangeline, 21st Kay D, 28th Papillon7th Rampart, 14th Rampart, 21st Radiant Heat, 28th Shingebiss
Wanna Be a Wise GuyJuly 4, 2021SunRadiant HeatOasisShingebiss
Portland-MoresbySeries BJuly 25, 2021SunPturbocactylRadiant HeatShingebiss
SNSYC/SISC Regatta (at SNSYC)Series KJuly 31/Aug 1, 2021Sat/Sun
Pursuit RaceAug. 8, 2021SunPturbodactylPocoShingebiss
Bedwell Harbour Race/CruiseAug. 21-22, 2021Sat/SunSkeena CloudShingebissOasis
Series Aug. Wed. NightAug, 2021Sun4th Radiant Heat, 11th Skeena Cloud, 18th Skeena Cloud, 25th Evangeline4th Poco, 11th Rampart, 18th Pturbodactyl, 25th Radiant Heat4th Lil Foot, 11th Firefly, 18th Pocoloco, 25th Pocoloco
Last Wednesday Night RaceSept. 1, 2021WedPocoLocoImpThing One
SNSYC/SISC Regatta (at SISC)Series ?Sept. 18-19, 2021Sat/SunPocoLoco
Round PendersSeries ?Sept. 25-26, 2021Sat/SunSorcery XOasisRadiant Heat
Channel IslandsFallSeries COctober 17, 2021 SunRadiant HeatShingebissOasis
Bas CobanliFallSeries ?October 31, 2021SunShingebissOasisRadiant Heat
Long HarbourFallSeries ?November 7, 2021SunOasisEvangelineShingebiss
Ben MohrFallSeries CNovember 28, 2021SunOasisFireflyEvangeline
Snowflake #1FallNo seriesDecember 5, 2021SunRadiant HeatSorcery XShingebiss
Snowflake #2FallNo seriesDecember 19, 2021SunSkeena CloudFireflySorcery X

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